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Hello, and thank you for stopping by the Snorkkel website! I'm Arlene Wray, the author and creator behind the Snorkkel Whalengton bilingual children’s books.

My inspiration for Snorkkel originates from my diverse roles as a preschool educator, nanny, and grandmother. Over 15 years of engaging with bright and eager students have revealed their boundless capacity for learning and problem-solving, especially during activities like story time. Watching their imaginations whisk them away to unknown realms while exploring different characters, places, and ideas has brought me endless joy. With a scientific background and a bachelor's degree in chemistry, I sincerely appreciate their inquisitive minds, and it was their curiosity that ignited my passion for writing Snorkkel.

My goal with the Snorkkel children's books is to weave valuable life lessons into relatable stories and illustrations, providing young readers with a better understanding of the world through bilingual books.

Crafted for English Language Learners, English as a Second Language, and English to Speakers of Other Languages, these books cater to a diverse audience.

I genuinely hope you and your children discover as much joy in Snorkkel's adventures as my students. For fellow nannies, I invite you to explore my Facebook group, "Are you my Nanny?" for valuable resources and a community of like-minded caretakers.

About the author
Arlene Wray

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