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Bilingual children's book

"An absolutely beautiful book, written and illustrated with such intention, and care by Arlene Wray , Amber Wray, and Marvin Alonso.


The 3-year-old I shared this story with was so excited by the illustrations and it opened a delightful discussion about what it means to think of others and what acts of service can take shape as.


The message of all good acts not requiring something material in return is just wonderful. Our presence is present enough and treating others in ways that support dignity and care is fundamental in being in relationship.


Authors who take time to build intentional experiences with children and their books just warms my heart.


The children get it and it brings pause to the adults reading. If we only we could bring Kindness in everything imagine the world we would live in."

Leanne Spromberg (she/her)

Modern Newborn Care, LLC

CACHE Certified Newborn Care to Empower and Educate Parents and Families on the Addition of New Baby

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"Hi Arlene. I have no problem with that at all. Please share/post. I’m very happy to help you in any way I can. I believe what you’re doing is incredible!!


My children are mixed, (Korean and Jewish) so my wife and I continually searched for books that might have an impact on and prepare them for what they may encounter when not protected by us. The world can be cruel. The most painful thing I’ve ever heard was someone asking my children and wife what “what they were?” It was heart breaking…filled me with anger, pity and sorrow all at once.


In my desire to make the world a better place had I only made it more difficult for my children to get through each day?


In my opinion children’s books about differences in any way are one of the keys to making the world more accepting. If one learns this at an early age it stays with them for life, they treat people differently.


The pain that questions such as these creates and how it can haunt someone is terrible and has no place in an inclusive world. 


Again thank you for doing your part to help with this problem. It’s most needed."

Thank you 🙏🏼✌🏼❤️

 Joshua Drummond (He/Him)

Estate Manager

"Just finished reading 'Snorkkel Whalengton-Kindness’ by Arlene Wray. What a beautiful reminder to always show kindness and generosity. Thank you Arlene Wray for inspiring us with your thought-provoking words. Your work has a profound impact on children and we're grateful for the impact it has had on the world."


Ruth Wentz

CEO of Celebrity NDA for high profile and 

UHNW professionals. Travel Occupational Therapist

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